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VigorelleAre you one of those millions of women who suffer from low love-drive or loveual dysfunction? Have you lost the groove? Are you never in the mood for love? If ‘Yes’ is the answer, then you need Vigorelle – the all-natural body cream for women.

Vigorelle is an effective natural herbal cream for a woman that is often regarded as women’s Viagra. In order to get into the love mood, a woman needs to apply it either just before or during love making to the most intimate parts of her body. Once it is applied, the cream creates a warm tingling sensation which speeds up the process of arousal and also it helps the body to naturally lubricate itself. Through this process, the cream often renews a woman's interest in love and also intensifies her love drive after arousal and ensures complete satisfaction for the couple.

This natural formula works by a method known as the transdermal delivery system. By combining botanical extracts and therapeutic nutrients with natural skin permeation enhancers such as olive squalane, important ingredients can cross the lipid barrier of the epidermis. The result greatly enhances loveual sensations in a woman's body. It gets the woman in the mood instantly.


The major benefits of Vigorelle are:

  • Restores loveual libido
  • It causes no side effects as it contains botanical extracts and is completely safe
  • This product is topical and has its direct effect on the pleasure spots
  • The packaging of Vigorelle is done in a quality medical grade facility
  • It can be used without doctor’s prescription

The effective ingredients which are present in Vigorelle are:

Organic Damiania Leaf: This leaf is an important stimulant that helps low-love drive people regain lost libido. Damiania contains progesteronic action which is powerful aphrodisiac which contains properties to act through sympathetic nervous system stimulation which tonifies the central nervous system, respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems. Damiania leaf can also treat vaginal dryness.

Organic Suma root: It contains an amazing 152 identified compounds containing the nutritive value of 19 amino acids and many minerals and vitamins. Suma is an excellent natural neuroendocrine restorative, metabolic regulator, antioxidant and immune enhancer. Suma restores the endocrine and immune systems, and also increases estrogens and androgens.

Some other ingredients are: organic motherwort, organic wild yam, organic ginkgo Biloba, and organic peppermint leaf.

So, if you want to rock your love life once again, take Vigorelle. Believe us, millions of women have discovered the rejuvenating effects of this natural stimulant and they are having fun every night!!!