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Male Size

Male size is of great interest to most men. They are obsessed with the size of their organ. In fact, this is one of the most asked questions on major loveual health websites. Questions about male size abound. Experts feel that size is of little importance when it comes to performance. But it surely has significant impact upon levels of self-esteem and confidence.

The average female cannot understand this obsession but there are women who love big organs. This encourages men to take larger sized pills to increase the size of their male and sometimes they go for surgery to have that desired length and girth.

But the big question is: what's the average size of male? The average male size is around 3.75 inches. Simply speaking, medical researchers aren't all that sure about average male size. But we should also take note of the fact that there have been some good surveys on the size of male. One such survey gives us the below-mentioned facts.

By age, the averages found were:



12 4.1" (104 mm)
13 5.1" (130 mm)
14 6.0" (152 mm)
15 6.1" (155 mm)
16 6.3" (160 mm)
17 6.5" (165 mm)
18 6.4" (163 mm)
19 6.2" (157 mm)
20 6.2" (157 mm)


The average adult male size is about 6.2 inches or (157mm). It is interesting that in this study, male size 'peaks' at age 17. Since malees do not get smaller as a male approaches age 21, it can be concluded that boys aged 16, 17, and 18 are most likely to exaggerate the size of their malees. Just a guess: (Several physicians suggested that the average male size was about 6 inches, but they weren't measuring.) So, an average of 6.2 seems incorrect and maybe guys taking the survey exaggerated.

By ethnicity (age 15 and over only):



Black 6.89" (175 mm)
Asian 5.33" (135 mm)
Caucasian 6.22" (158 mm)
Hispanic 6.15" (156 mm)
Native American 5.66" (144 mm)

We should remember that in lovemaking, emotional bonding is must. Size does matter but this is not the only criteria for optimum loveual satisfaction.