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Does Male Size matter?

Of course, male size does matter. In fact, I am amazed by the sheer number of men who believe that bigger is better when it comes to performance on bed. Wherever you go, you will find men fretting about their male size. Men with bigger size gets the much needed kick and come out as a happy man from the ring when the sport is over.

The obsession

Male size obsession is far more common among men. When he grows up, a note of uncertainty engulfs his mind. Isn't his bigger than mine? Look at those in the men's changing room - see how big they have? Will mine be as big as that? The trouble is that every man sees his own male in a foresighted view. Concern over penile size and a desire for a longer male are common in the male population.

Go that extra inch

Naturally, most women would prefer a reasonably larger male and a great lover. Remember, a romantic lover makes a great partner on bed but in the same breath I would like to add that extra inch can add spice into your loveual life. Most women prefer the length and thickness of a male instead of one thing. They feel that length can help a man to hit the insiders hard and thickness can help them to rub against the vaginal walls finely. For men, extra inch is a matter of ego….when they want to wield the bat; they want to hit it very hard…after all it's a matter of pride for them. Macho men, go for the longer and thicker bat.

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