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Breast Pump

Breast PumpLarge breasts are an asset and it enhances the beauty of women to a large extent. It is almost part of the equation for a beautifully attractive woman. However, most of the women are not blessed with bigger breasts and hence suffer in silence. But there are methods that can enhance the size of your breasts; one of the methods is plastic surgery. This method is not without its pitfalls. Despite being able to fabricate a larger breast appearance, the procedure is expensive and surgically invasive with associated side effects, potential complications, and relatively long recovery. Another major pitfall of breast surgery is that a large majority of patients who undergo this surgery may experience a change in breast sensation. If this happens, it can take up to six months for it to return to normal. That is why more and more women are looking for safer and more natural alternative to breast plastic surgery.

Breast pump is one of the oldest and safest methods of increasing the size of breasts. It has been in the market for decades. Most breast pumps operate in a similar fashion. The pump is attached to the breasts and then pumped creating a suction in which your breasts are pulled outward. If the procedure is followed on a regular basis, you can see the results within one month.


The functions of breast pump are as follows:

  1. The pump will "swell" breast tissue by vacuuming fats and fluids into breast tissue cells causing them to enlarge.
  2. The pump builds and expands mammary gland tissue to its fullest potential by balancing natural hormone levels just like when you were a teenager.
  3. The pump increases collagen production and encourages production of new breast tissue cells providing a fuller firmer breast.

There are some quality manufacturers in this line who claim that their pumps are a miracle treatment for women who dream of fuller and supple breasts without the pains and health problems associated with surgery. It is one of the treasured items for those women who desire for safer & bigger breasts.

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